Helping the Needy (HTN) — Latest News / Announcements

HTN Spring Furniture Donations March 13, 2020

St. Alphonsus HTN Ministry will be collecting furniture for needy families from March 22nd through the end of May. The collection is specifically for the following furniture: bedroom dressers, chest, end tables, lamps; kitchen and dining room tables and chairs; living room chairs, loveseats and small sofas; end tables and… Read more

HTN Annual Meeting January 29, 2020

Thursday, March 12th, St. Alphonsus Church (Narthex) starting at 6:30 p.m. Please save March 12th on your calendar for this very important meeting St. Alphonsus Pastor, Monsignor Brian Hennessey will join us All current, past and new HTN members are asked to join us Invited are HTN’s Partners who support… Read more

PROJECT SANTA 2019 — Volunteers Needed! November 22, 2019

For the 3rd consecutive year, HTN will bring Christmas joy to needy children in Kensington. This year our Parish Partners are: St. Alphonsus, St. Catherine, St. Genevieve, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Each of these Parishes will have a “giving tree” with tags… Read more



HTN needs your support to continue on it’s mission to help the neediest of the needy. HTN is responsible for all of its financial costs including storage, transportation and bedding cost. HTN can use your financial support for our 2019 Fund Raising program. Please click the donate button below to make a financial donation. 

You may also make a non-check contribution to HTN; credit card, United Way designation or matching gift program with your corporation. Click here for procedures.

Read our Fund Raising brochure

Donate to the HTN Ministry


Our ministry is always in need of new leadership, please consider volunteering. If you are interested in becoming a member of this “feel good” ministry, please email us at with your name and contact information. Your interest is greatly appreciated. Please click the brochure button above for more information. 


Another way you can participate is by making a donation to purchase a bed for a needy child. Click here for additional information and donor form.

FURNITURE DONATIONS  Thanks to our donors generosity in 2019, we are preparing now for our 2020 Spring deliveries. We will be collecting furniture from March 22nd through the end of May. The collection is specifically for the following furniture: bedroom dressers, chest, end tables, lamps; kitchen and dining room tables and chairs; living room chairs, loveseats and small sofas; end tables and coffee tables.Please contact Helping the Needy: phone 215-346-6416 or email to if you have any items you would like to donate. 

Helping the Needy — Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Alphonsus HTN ministry is to share the love of Christ and spread His message by helping to improve the living conditions of the neediest in our communities with basic human needs. Following the teachings of Jesus and inspired by the Holy Spirit, we will strive to provide beds to sleep on, tables and chairs for families to share meals and other furniture where families can gather and live in a self-sufficient home which promotes personal dignity. HTN, through its team of volunteers, partners and donors, will provide furniture and other family services to those in need. The Ministries HTN supports help families residing in specific neighborhoods of Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. 



Background / Story

St. Alphonsus Outreach Program began in the 1990s to help Holy Child Parish in the Olney section of Philadelphia (currently Our Lady of Hope Parish). A branch of the group occasionally helped families needing furniture. Starting August 2015, the furniture branch evolved into a new ministry, Helping the Needy (HTN). As of May 2019, HTN’s Ministry has grown to about 170 volunteers. HTN receives request from 18 Ministries working with needy families and individuals. HTN has received furniture from over 375 donors and delivered furniture to about 480 families, helping over 1350 needy people. The Ministries which HTN supports includes: homeless families leaving shelters, homeless women and their family leaving pro-life shelters, legal refugee families entering our country, needy neighborhoods family homes. HTN’s Operation Kensington Social Group is helping to support 3 elementary schools (Catholic and Public), a Community Center and a Welcoming Center. Our Home-Goods committee began providing dishes, glasses, silverware and cookware in 2018. HTN’s Tutor/Library committee began providing services in 2018. HTN’s Project Santa has provided Christmas gifts to over 1000 children since 2017. HTN’s “Beds for Needy Children Without Beds” has provided 140 beds and accessories to children without beds. In addition, HTN’s partner, PragmaBed, has provided HTN over 300 new beds since 2015. HTN is self-contained with a Board of Governors, Officers, and Bylaws. HTN is responsible for all of its financial costs including storage, transportation and bedding cost. HTN can use your financial support for our 2019 Fund Raising program (Goal $40,000). Our ministry is always in need of new leadership, please consider volunteering.

HTN’s Highlights

HTN 2019 Highlights Year to Date (** Recently Updated **)

St. Alphonsus – Helping the Needy (HTN) Ministry

Overview and Updates as of October 31, 2019

  • HTN’s mission is to share the love of Christ and spread His mission by helping to improve the living conditions of the neediest in our communities. We will strive to provide beds to sleep on, table and chairs for families to share meals and other furniture where families can gather and live in a self-sufficient home which promotes dignity.

  • Many of those HTN serve have been homeless, in shelters, ravished by fire and refugees from other countries.

  • HTN currently supports 20 Ministries working with needy families.

  • Since August 2015 many have served as HTN members. Most are passionate in their commitments to “help the needy”.

    Today 140 HTN members offer their time and talents. There remains a significant need for additional HTN members!

  • HTN is organized by a Charter and Bylaws; governed by a Board of Governors. HTN is self-contained and responsible

    for all the cost of all HTN activities. All HTN members are volunteers, there are no employees.

  • HTN’s 2019 Budget requires $40,000 of cash donations. YTD, our Fund Raising has collected $31,000. A significant

    amount of these donors are not affiliated with HTN. Our request to HTN members, who have not contributed, please consider helping HTN meet our goal. About 85% of the cash we raise is used for beds, bed accessories and transportation cost.

  • HTN have developed significant Partners. Our Partners covered in excess of $18,000 of 2019 total cost (“gifts in kind”). Most covers the cost for all storage areas and some bed materials.

  • Today, HTN’s total Operating Cost is estimated to be $50,000.

  • HTN has two Operations: Our Furniture Organization and Our Service Organization

  • The Furniture Operation has been in existence since 2015. HTN has delivered to over 500 needy families located

    primarily in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. To support this effort, HTN has collected from over 500 furniture

    donors. The effort required to support these activities remain significant.

  • In 2019 HTN staffed the Furniture Operations with 26 dedicated members; this effort allowed HTN to continue the Furniture Operations. These volunteers administer the operations group and the support group. Currently 60 of our members volunteers as crew captains and moving crews. We need to add to our Furniture Operations volunteers.

  • In 2018 HTN partnered with OHAAT to provide beds & accessories to “needy children without beds”. In 2018 this project gifted 80 children. In 2019 YTD, 72 children have been gifted with 25 additional to be scheduled before Christmas.

  • In 2018 HTN began providing “home goods” to our families. These include dishware, glassware, flatware, cookware and small appliances. Our committee of 15 has supported over 100 families with their needs for these items.

  • In 2019 HTN began providing “toys” and “canned goods” to the families we serve.

  • 2019 YTD: Donors 115, Families 62

  • Accomplishments October 21st -25th (5 days): 14 deliveries to Families and 9 Donor pickups. Deliveries included: 26 beds

    with sheets, pillows & blankets; 12 dressers/chest; 7 sofa/love seat; 5 Dr/Kitchen sets; 6 end tables/lamps, 3 LR chairs; 13

    families received home good; 11 families received toys; 14 families received canned-goods food – WELL DONE TEAM—

  • In 2016 HTN began working with Ministries in Kensington. To support Service efforts, Operation Kensington was created.

  • In 2017 HTN began tutoring and performing library duties at the Willard School. In 2018 Willard students were able to take

    library books home for the first time since 2015. This summer many HTN volunteers helped assist organizing new books. This Fall 15 volunteers are busy helping electronically cataloging library books and tutors develop literacy skills in kindergarten and 1st grade.

  • In 2018 & 2019 HTN volunteers served a Community Dinner @ Visitation for 80-90 homeless people in Kensington. This year we also provided canned food to go and toys for the children who attended.

  • In 2018 & 2019 HTN sponsored a “back to school” project with our Partner Our Lady of Mercy School. Significant school supplies were presented to Visitation BVM School and Francis Willard Elementary School. In 2019 HTN sponsored a “spring fling” project with our toy partner. Students with perfect attendance and special recognition by teachers at the Willard School were presented toys they requested.

  • In 2017, 2018 HTN sponsored “project Santa” with Parish Partners (St. Genevieve, St. Catherine, St. Alphonsus and Our Lady of Sacred Heart). In 2018, 600 Kensington children (Willard & Sheppard elementary schools, Community Center @ Visitation) received Christmas presents they requested from HTN’s Santa. In 2019, Our Lady of Mount Carmel has joined our Parish Partners. We are currently organizing to provide 700 Kensington students Christmas presents. We need help!

  • HTN schedules 3 events a year for social purpose: Members Meeting, Anniversary Social, HTN Annual Mass.

  • In 2017, 2018 & 2019 we had Golf/Social. This year we had: 24 (9-hole golfers) and 45 attendees to our social

  • Our Annual Mass will be celebrated Sunday November 3rd 10:15 AM @ St. Alphonsus Church. Our celebrant will be our

Pastor, Monsignor Brian Hennessy. A reception will follow. All HTN members are encouraged to attend, all are welcome!

2018 Highlights

● Collected from 80 Furniture Donors and delivered to 77 Needy Families
● HTN’s Home-Goods collections have resulted in 55 Kits being delivered to families
● HTN has 16 volunteers tutoring and helping with the library at a Kensington School
● 80 Beds for “Needy children without Beds” were delivered in 2018
● Hosted Community Meal for 75 people in Kensington on Friday June 29th
● In December, Project Santa delivered over 2000 Christmas presents to 600 children (K-4 students) in Kensington;
● 40 Boxes of “back to school” items collected by OLM school and delivered to Visitation School
● Ministry Mass celebrated on November 4th @ 10:15 Mass at St. Alphonsus Parish

HTN Board Members & Officers

Board Members

Tom Moore

Married to my wife Nancy for 54 years, blessed with 5 married loving children and 15 fantastic grandchildren. Retired for 7 years after a long sales career in high technology electronics. A Member of HTN’s Board for 4 years after discovering the great need to “help the needy” and the capability of services HTN can provide to “our needy neighbors”.

Pete Anninos

At the end of the day, we all strive to do something that inspires and gives hope to those who are hopeless. We want to make a difference that has meaning and bears fruit that will last a life time. We desire a willingness to be a reflection of God. HTN’s ministry is that vehicle that encompasses the gifts of the Holy Spirit throughout all its endeavors. Everyone involved is part of God’s plan. It is a Blessing to be hold.

George Rizutto

I’m married for 33 years to my wife Geri and have three children, Vince and Nick and Julia. We currently reside in the Fort Washington area and are long time Saint Alphonso’s’ parishioners. I have worked in the healthcare industry for the past 35 years. One of my closest friends shared their experience with HTN with me, at a time when I was looking to do more service. I have enjoyed each delivery and HTN activity since joining the group 2 years ago. I find our work fulfilling and it is rewarding to be giving back to those in great need.

My recent increased involvement in Project Kensington has opened my eyes to an area, just 15 miles away from my own home that is the third poorest and second most food insecure congressional district in the nation. The socio-economic issues for this community have significant negative impacts on the families that live there. I am proud to be very small part of trying to make a difference in their lives through the HTN efforts.

Mike Fedyna

My story joining HTN is not very noble. I had not heard of HTN before Tom Moore called me about it. After explaining HTN, he told me he needed my financial help. I figured great–I’ll promise him some money, send him a check and end the conversation! Then he explained that while he would be happy to take my check, he really wanted me to be HTN’s Treasurer, so I said yes. Little did I know that my e-mail inbox would never be the same! I’m proud to assist in this growing ministry and see how many families are benefiting from its great works.

Steve Finley

My wife Mary and I have been married for 40 years and are happy to say that we have been active members of Saint Alphonsus parish for the past thirty years. We are also blessed to be able to say that we have four children, all graduates of Saint Alphonsus, and fourteen grandchildren, who we are able to spend a great deal of time with. I have previously served on the board of Saint Alphonsus school, been the President of the Athletic Association and Mary and I have served as a “Pre-Cana” couple. After retiring from the pharmaceutical industry, after 35 years, I had the privilege of serving as the President of Bishop McDevitt High School from 2012 to 2017. As with many in HTN I was recruited by Tom Moore, who I have known for fifty years. My original involvement was as a mover and I’m pleased to say that, as with many things, I have received more than I have given. The joy and thanks from those who are receiving our furniture has been most gratifying, as well as the ability to get to know the many other volunteers who make this ministry so special. I am pleased to be able to serve as a board member and be part of the next phase of HTN.

Nancy Moore

Originally my involvement in HTN began due to my husband Tom but quickly found my own interest and path in this worthwhile organization. It gives me great satisfaction and pleasure helping in small ways, such as buying sheets for donated Pragma beds, organizing a committee of ladies to collect and put kitchen ware kits together and most recently organizing a committee of 7 ladies working at Willard School tutoring as well as putting the library in order. I am amazed at the dedication, support, cooperation, and Christian attitude to keep HTN “afloat” from all the members but especially the tireless board! I feel fortunate being part of this blessed community.

Dave White

My family and I are pleased to be a part of HTN because we see first-hand the good work done by HTN. We have received many blessings and we know that others through no fault of their own have been less fortunate. We are called to share our blessings and HTN provides a way to do that. HTN work takes us into the living rooms and kitchens of poor people. HTN work shows us the face of the truly poor. HTN is the vehicle that allows us to put our faith into action. One of the Beatitutes is “shelter the homeless”. Through HTN we do that and we experience the joy of helping our less fortunate brothers. We do this as a family and it makes us a stronger family and a stronger St. Alphonsus community.

Mark Sutton

Mark Sutton is a 30 year veteran of the hotel industry. Working in franchise development with major hotel companies such as Choice Hotels and Radisson Intl. Mark’s responsibilities were to develop hotels in the Northeast region of the country. He worked with the largest hotel developers in the country. He currently is working with IHG hotels as the Director of Sales at the Candlewood Suites hotel in Horsham. Mark is married to his wife Denise K Sutton for 25 years and reside in Horsham. He has a son Paul who is in the Nascar industry. Mark and Denise were members of St Alphonsus Parish for over 19 years. They were inspired by the work that HTN was doing and wanted to join the ministry to assist their efforts to help those that are less fortunate. They are now very active in the ministry as Mark has joined the board in January of 2019.

Ted Felix

My wife, Judy, my son, Ted Jr., and I are pleased to be parishioners at St. Alphonsus. I’ve been a Parishioner of St. Alphonsus almost my entire life (50 years)! I’ve recently joined HTN and specifically serve on the Board of Directors, with a focus on the Furniture Support Group (FSG). My professional background is in Pharmaceutical Marketing Research and Consulting. I am pleased to be a part of such a great organization and group of people in HTN. God Bless!


President: Tom Moore
Vice President: Peter Anninos and George Rizzuto
Treasurer: Mike Fedyna
Secretary: Mark Dianno
Executive Director: Greg Mcilvain

Emeritus Board Members

Mark Dianno

I am originally from Roslyn, PA, attended St. John of the Cross school and graduated from Bishop McDevitt High School in 1986. My wife, Heather, and I have been members of St. Alphonsus Parish for past 17 years. During that time, my wife and I have been very active and involved in for the school and parish. Both my children, Jake and Maura attended St. Alphonsus elementary school and participated in CYO sports and other youth programs. In 2015, Tom Moore (a.k.a “Coach”), asked if I could assist with a program helping needy families in north Philadelphia. Forever grateful for the guidance he provided, I agreed to assist. After more volunteers, from both inside and outside our parish, continued to join our ranks, we helped form the new St. Alphonsus Helping the Needy (HTN) Ministry. HTN truly is a “hands-on” and “feel good” ministry where the volunteers can see the impact and positive influence the ministry’s work has on those less fortunate and provides all the volunteers with a practical opportunity to live and practice our faith.

Mike McDonnell

I’ve been married to my wife Angie for almost 26 years and have been blessed with two amazing sons Michael and Shane. We’ve been members of St. Alphonsus parish for almost 20 years, both my boys were altar servers, my oldest son was also a lector. I’m currently a Eucharistic Minister as well as Lector. We’ve all been involved with the ministry in some fashion and truly got to experience the “Hands on Feel good” ministry that is HTN. I’m amazed with the drive and dedication of all those involved with the HTN ministry from the top down.

Joe Schafle

I am Joseph Schafle. I am married for 43 years to my wife Ellen and we have one son Michael. Michael and his wife Sian have two children and fortunately they live in the area. I have been an attorney for 42 years although I am currently not actively practicing. I joined HTN primarily because it was being started by my good friend Tom Moore. When I heard what he was hoping to accomplish, it sounded like something where I could do something for others in need.

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